11 December, 2021
Carlingford Sports Club
334 Pennant Hills Road



WHITE OUT is a quarterly one-day event, offering a unique opportunity for sellers and buyers alike. As property prices continue to soar, we anticipate December’s auction to be our most dynamic event yet, featuring a number of properties all ready to go under the hammer. Our auction events have a reputation for excellence and have attracted a loyal following due to the impressive results we have achieved over the last 6 years. 

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Meet our auctioneer

Michael Garofolo, Cooley Auctions

A born communicator and experienced negotiator, Michael Garofolo is equipped with characteristics that have led him to excel as an auctioneer.

Michael understands the role that emotions play when it comes to transacting property and his inherent interpersonal skills are evident in the way he interacts with all parties involved in the sale process. Always pushing for more, Michael skillfully engages with buyers to ensure no bids are held back on auction day and that a premium price is achieved.

Passionate, confident & friendly, Michael has a commanding presence that sets the tone of each and every auction he calls. A highly valued representative of the Cooley brand, Michael is an asset to the team and the field of auctioneering.


What are the benefits to selling at WHITE OUT?

WHITE OUT offers the opportunity to be promoted to a wide range of buyers and interested parties, meaning more registered buyers!

What are the benefits to buying at WHITE OUT?

By registering to bid at WHITE OUT, you will get access to a wide range of properties all ready to sell!

When do I need to register my interest?

Register your interest ASAP as there are limited places available.

Is now the time to sell?

Australian house prices are on average the highest they’ve ever been. These prices are supported with strong demand, and relatively few properties for sale. This is showing through Ray White’s auction data, which shows the average number of bidders at a record high.